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My Kimberley who are we?


The Kimberley region of Western Australia has long been Known as the last frontier in Australia. The 325,000 square kilometre area is portrayed as a pristine environment largely untouched by development, an abundance of wildlife and almost unlimited biodiversity. It is also renowned for its rugged geological landscape, dramatic unique coastline and its unbelievable world heritage rock art.

Located over 3,000 kilometres from the states main city Perth, the Kimberley outback has become a world renowned destination for the adventurous individual as well as an attraction for scientists and researchers. The Kimberley is also recognised for its indigenous cultural heritage, eccentric outback characters and its talented writers and artists.


This site has been constructed by Dean Goodgame and Lee Scott-Virtue, founders of the community volunteer research organisations Kimberley Specialists in Research Inc and Kimberley Toad Busters Inc. Both companies are non-profit tax deductible organisations with Kimberley Toad Busters also registered as a charitable organisation. The major reduction in funding by government since 2013 has had a big impact on the community driven environmental work and cane toad mitigation programs of the two organisations.

This site has been constructed for two reasons:

  1. To introduce people to unique Kimberley products, authors and artists. 
  2. To facilitate and raise funding for the Kimberley Specialists and Kimberley Toad Busters research and cane toad mitigation programs. 

Who are Kimberley Specialists in Research.

The concept behind the formation of the Kimberley Specialists Outback Research Program emerged primarily from the growing concern of its founders of the escalating environmental issues confronting the Kimberley. This problem was compounded by the lack of co-ordinated research, and the fact that if any did take place, no-one ever heard about it. This meant that most scientific information was taken away from the Kimberley and Government decisions were being made on the basis of all too little research information. It was also seen by our group that the vastness and isolation of the Kimberley and the prohibitive costs incurred by anyone wanting to work in the area was also impacting on researchers coming to the Kimberley.

The first objective was to see how Kimberley Specialists could best assist towards facilitating and stimulating more research in the Kimberley. It was also decided that any assistance provided by Kimberley Specialists to researchers would continue to be a non-profit exercise, with funding (if required) to come from Kimberley Specialists in Tourism to support the research. A number of specific projects and objectives were defined by Kimberley Specialists first implemented in 1998 in the form of sponsored and funded student research projects and programmes, environmental art exhibitions and 'enviro' educational fire forum's. Three very successful art shows, involving Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists have been run since this date. The three Environmental Educational forums held in 1998, 2001 and 2005 have enabled researchers, individuals and groups involved in land-care and resource management to present research results and to discuss environmental issues facing the Kimberley.

One of the outcomes of the 2005 Forum was the establishment of  Kimberley Toad Busters Inc. Kimberley Specialists in Research continues to work in partnership with Kimberley Toad Busters assisting in the writing up of funding and award applications, designing and maintaining the KTB website and providing scientific expertise.  

Who are Kimberley Toad Busters.

Kimberley Toad Busters was initially formed under the banner of Kimberley Specialists in Research but once it became obvious that toads would inevitably reach the Kimberley and that the problem was going to be massive it was decided to form a separate organisation to deal with the problem.

The concept behind the formation of Kimberley Toad Busters was many pronged.  Initially it was to identify where toads had established and how many corridors of toads were on their way to the Kimberley.  It was also an early objective of Kimberley Toad Busters to see if there was any way community volunteers could stop the toads from crossing the WA/NT border into the Kimberley.  Once it was established that we would be unable to stop the toads several objectives were put in place.

The primary objective of Kimberley Toad Busters was to protect the Kimberley from the impacts of cane toad by reducing numbers and mitigating their impacts on the biodiversity and natural habitats of the Kimberley. It was also to facilitate and drive community driven scientific research into looking for a scientific solution to the toad and to sponsor biodiversity recording and monitoring of native species and habitat systems prior to and after toads arrived.  The over-arching mission statement of Kimberley Toad Busters was to ‘foster public awareness about the risks posed by the cane toad to the environmental, social and economic values of the Kimberley by research, education and publication.  And to establish this by promoting ideas and actions, which would enhance people’s understanding and enjoyment of, and willingness to protect the natural environment and Kimberley landscape from cane toads.

To achieve these goals Kimberley Toad Busters, in partnership with Kimberley Specialists in Research established a mandate to raise funds to sponsor Kimberley research in finding a biological solution to the cane toad problem; sponsor scientists to undertake both field research and to assist community volunteers to record and monitor native biodiversity prior to and after cane toads arrive; sponsor and facilitate environmental education programs in schools, remote indigenous communities, indigenous ‘children at risk’ groups and ranger training programs, mining companies and Kimberley towns; and to sponsor front-line cane toad reconnaissance field work in order to monitor the toad as it travelled through the Kimberley.

Every item or publication sold, 30% of the proceeds goes towards the research and education programs outlined above. 

While the concept of an this online site is fairly new the ideas and research provided by Kimberley Specialists and Kimberley Toad Busters originated almost 3 decades ago.

The people in our team involve Dean Goodgame and I, Lee Scott-Virtue, as well as all the contributers to this site.

My Kimberley is located in 6/26 Poincettia Way, Kununurra 6743 and we can be contacted through or