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My Kimberley Books

The Kimberley is a vast area covering around 320,000 square Kilometres of world heritage wilderness. Just as vivid are its Kimberley outback characters. Autobiographies, biographies, history, archaeology, rock art and children’s stories by Kimberley authors are available on this site in hard copy, electronic PDF and Flipbook. Pre-orders for new hard copies in print are available. Every sale contributes 25% towards the Kimberley Toad Busters and Kimberley Specialists in Research Education and field Programs.

Kimberley Books and Authors

Bradshaw Rock Art of the Kimberley. A Photographic Insight.
Wandjinas of the North Kimberley Coast
Kimberley Coast.
Ancient Whisperings.
Kimberley Country 'King George River'

The Life and Times of Ian Petherick.
Where Water Lilies Die and Life Begins.
The Lost World of the Kimberley. 
Robert Solomon Wainwright. A man for all regions.
KTB 10 years of Community Effort
Why do I have Rheumatoid Arthritis? Some side effects and other stuff!
Rhyming, Reasoning and Reflecting.
Visions and verse from the East Kimberley
My life in verse.
With rhyme and reason and more rhyme and reason.
A long Story Short.
 The ABC of animals and other curiosities.
The Tadpoles That Didn't Turn into Toads.
The Rat with a Golden Grin