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Thongs / Flip Flops JuJu Wilson Two Turtles

Thongs / Flip Flops JuJu Wilson Two Turtles


Featuring a durable black 14mm sole, black rubber straps and a fabric face surface Design by Ju Ju Wilson

Two Turtles

Ju Ju has depicted two freshwater turtles in her home country of Mantinea. The waterholes are devoid of good water.  The black waterholes are bad water, the yellow are sandy and the white are salty. However, the turtle is the totem of endurance, and these two turtles will settle themselves quietly in the dry land, conserving energy and wait until the rains come and the waterholes fill up.  The significance of the story is that the turtles will stay together and survive in this harsh country. This story is connected with the togetherness and endurance required to succeed in life relationships. The Aboriginal people associate the Dreamtime spirits with animals and birds, and the creation of human life. 


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