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The Kimberley Roe River Virtual Bradshaw Rock Art Tour.


The Roe River is a river in the Kimberley of Western Australia. The headwaters of the river lie in the Princess May Ranges within the Prince Regent National Park flowing in a north westerly direction, discharging into Prince Frederick Harbour in York Sound and then to the Indian Ocean. It is also a river system that holds a rock art site (recorded in 1892 and  accredited to Joseph Bradshaw, an early pioneer) as the first European to record the incredible Pleistocene figurative art. The use of Bradshaw's name to define images that aboriginal people of the present ( since colonisation) of the time had no name for, did not reflect in the literature until 1956. This rock art may represent some of the most sophisticated and prolific, complex rock art images attributed to the Pleistocene. This may be some of the oldest rock art images in the world. We would love to share our experiences with you.

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